Membership Info


It is only $30 for the membership year- rolling year from membership

As a member you and your family are entitled too:

  • Connect with other multiple families
  • Social functions
  • Information sessions
  • Club newsletter
  • Access to Member Only Facebook groups
  • Access to playgroups
  • Baby equipment rental
  • AMBA membership
  • Hold a position on Committee
  • Full voting rights


‚Äč- What happens after I join?

1. You will receive an email from our Memberships representative confirming your membership and welcoming you to the club.

2. You will be contacted by a “buddy” who will be your main point of contact at the club.

3. You will be added to our mailing list and are welcome to join our online groups.

4. You are welcome to attend any of our social gatherings, information sessions and start receiving great membership benefits.

- Who do I contact if I have any Questions on Joining?

1. Feel free to ask any questions at

2. After joining, your buddy will be your key contact for all that is happening at SunRanges.

3. We have an active Facebook members only page where you can ask questions and make connections with other parents of multiples 

4. General club enquiries can always go to

- Where can I read your privacy policy?

A copy of our policy can be read on our Privacy policy page.

- SunRanges Twins Plus Inc Members Only Facebook Group

Our group is not open to the public and only members can join.  Get in touch with other parents of multiples in your local area and chat, share and discuss at any time of the day.

- SunRanges Twins Plus Inc Buy, Swap and Sell for Members Only

 Our FB group is not open to the public and only members can join. Buy, swap and sell your unwanted baby goods with other SunRanges members.

- How do I join Playgroup?

Our playgroup is only for members, please contact email below to join: